Rich Filters for Service Desk Dashboards

Are you a Jira Service Desk user? If yes, we are happy to announce that we’ve just launched Rich Filters for Service Desk Dashboards, an extension of the existing Rich Filters for Jira Dashboards app.

The extension allows you to build powerful dashboards for your Jira Service Desk projects by adding specific Jira Service Desk functionality on top of the existing rich filters.

Rich Filters for Service Desk Dashboards extends the rich filters with the following functionality:

  • Dynamic filtering and statistics on Service Desk fields: Customer Request Types and OrganizationsIn just a few clicks you can now focus on particular Customer Request Types and Organizations, which is essential for any Service Desk dashboard.

    You can add dynamic filters and statistics on Customer Request Types and Organizations the same way you would add for any other field
  • Statistics, charts & metrics based on SLA fieldsIt has never been easier to monitor the performance of your teams and agents. For each SLA field you can track the met/breached ratio or the average completion time using counters, gauges, one and two dimensional statistics, bar charts and more.

    Use counters, gauges, one and two dimensional statistics gadgets to display SLA metrics
  • Display SLA time series in dashboardsJira Service Desk has introduced the concept of time series reports. The time series reports are powerful tools that allow you to monitor the evolution of your Service Desk performance. We have pushed this concept even further and introduced time series in dashboard gadgets. Our time series can be displayed as line charts but also as tables, based on single or multiple service desks. Combine this with the power of the quick filters and you will easily see the potential of this feature.

    Display SLA time series as line charts or as tables to point out trends and correlations

If interested to know more, have a look at our short presentation video or at our Product Highlights page.

Rich Filters for Service Desk Dashboards is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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