Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar

iDalko, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner from Belgium, has published recently the top of 5 completely free Jira apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. We were thrilled to see that our Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar was included.

The Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar app provides a basic functionality that anyone using dashboards in Jira should have access to. By default, the native dashboard sidebar is not collapsible, this taking a significant screen space that could be better used to display the dashboards content.

One click and the dashboards sidebar collapses

As iDalko so nicely phrased it, “This free Jira app is so easy to get used to, you’ll wonder how you lived without it”. It’s only natural for the dashboard sidebar to be collapsible!

One thought on “Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar

  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks, we were glad to be able to recommend your add-on for Jira.
    Saving space in Jira is a nice hack to really optimize productivity. And it was super easy to install and implement!


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